Your musical instrument is your most important tool. Instrument Life’s products and services lead musicians through every ownership experience. Protect all your gear and get plugged in to the music industry with your Free Membership.

Implement one of these iL services or the entire suite to get the most from your instrument.



SECUREYou get a FREE iL Instrument Vault. This secure, cloud based Safe is used by musicians, bands, schools, and retailers to track and organize all paperwork, receipts, repairs, performance and inventory for each instrument you own. Warranty piece of mind, plus inclusion in the iL Theft Alert Protection Network.

PROTECTThe iL Vault Card and iLiD gives you new smart technology attached to every instrument and allows you to track your gear through travels and repairs. Parents of young musicians to Professionals, all endorse iL Protection Products.

MAINTAINBroken string in Bedford? Need a tune up in Tupelo? Left your mute in Memphis? The InstrumentLife Repair Network will connect you to shops and retailers, speed up the repair process and store all your service history to keep the music happening. Used by individuals, schools and organizations everywhere.


CONNECTShare performances, promote your gigs, learn new skills, and connect with those who share your passion. Research and learn from samples provided by professionals. Gain direct access to the music instrument industry. Sign up. Log on. Simplify. Enjoy!

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