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iL Verify is ideal for Equipment and Consumable Inventory

iL Verify is the only affordable, non-profit inventory app (church inventory, school inventory) that is designed for multiple users to log in and manage equipment. Assign, loan, place, and move all your equipment with GPS marking. Plus, track the in and out of consumable inventory like food and supplies so you know how much toilet paper is in storage and each bathroom. Use your phone to scan bar codes and NFC chip scanning to speed up every process. We've included a time clock, and task completion features to make it the perfect all-in-one product to manage your equipment needs. Get started for FREE!

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Manage equipment with access to moving, assigning, and reporting for assets and consumable items for your team.


Allow employees to clock in, clock out, or take breaks from anywhere for Payroll with an optional GPS location stamp.


Track progress on simple tasks to make sure everything is getting done.

Service Order

View service orders and reporting for your team with calendar-based tracking in relation to equipment for customers.

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