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IL Verify is an online management tool used to synchronize people and track assets. Businesses track Inventory movement, Rentals, Repair Tickets, and Deliveries all included in this integrated Web Based Solution.

Save More Time, our iLiD RFID Chips and Cards speed up recording the movement of assets and jobs. Call us at 888-959-6876 or simply sign up to get started.

How to Start

iL Verify App with GPS Logging

Mobile. Team.

Inventory, Rentals, Delivery and Repair System Included

Account for things outside of your accounting software and sync your entire team with the iL Verify App. iL Verify is a software platform that inlcudes 4 modules Inventory, Rentals, Delivery and Repair Tickets already and continues to add modules. Increase Efficiency using our iLiD RFID Chips and Cards by using mobile phone GPS plus RFID (UHF and NFC) freuqencies to automatically log important information such as locations, time, people and movement when tasks occur creating audit logs and notifications. iL Verify comes free with many inventory features and you can expand features for specific tracking like service orders, job tracking or payroll time clock.

-Easily add People, Locations and Items that you want to track so entire teams are in sync.

-Everyone can use the iL Verify App in tandum with iLiD chips and cards to track personal and business items.

-You can add additional features as well as multiple users such as employees at any time and share real time information.

-The iL Verify App can be used on your phone, desktop and tablet.

-The iL Verify App is free for Admin user so businesses can share information by encouraging their customers, partners, vendors, suppliers, insurers and employees to use the App.

This real time synchronized information makes everyone more efficent saving time and money while providing management with the proof of where assets are located and that work is getting done. The free app will streamline your workflow, perform physical inventory counts, manage multiple locations, assign / rent items, track repairs, provide insurance data and more. Gain the confidence knowing work is getting done. Call us at 888-959-6876.


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Create an Active inventory of all your personal or business items for insurance purposes

Attach an iLiD Chip or Card for GPS logging of all item activity

Build history on all assigned/rental activity per item

Take physical inventory of all items in minutes

Reports to satisfy insurance claims, compliance audits and activity


Move items to new locations notifying everyone

Check out items quickly for accurate audit trail

Share travel manifests as "Lists" with any other user to never leave an item behind

Take Inventory as a synced team saving tons of time

Create an item Repair Request that automatically notifies service company and tracks entire repair process

Use other Modules like Order Delivery and Repair Tickets to expand industry specific features

Everyone's using iLiD

Rental Equipment Companies

Scan and Assign the in/out of all rental items.

Distributors with Mobile Reps

Reps move items and service equipment with a single app


Nurses and staff easily move equipment room to room finding what they need


Tag band instruments, sports equipment, desks and laptops making state audits easy

iLiD let's you know where's your stuff and whose got it!

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iL Verify App + these products

iLiD & iLiD PRO

Tag your stuff and get GPS accuracy every time you scan.

Using iLiD Chips and Cards allows organizations to increase GPS accuracy of the movement of critical equipment every time a Chip is scanned. Use a smartphone to "Scan by Touch" your inventory or integrate iLiD Pro Chips to "Scan by Proximity" entire rooms. Use iLiD Chips on Equipment and iLiD Cards for employee/student ID to make your entire ogranization more accurate and efficient.


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Adhesive micro chip that installs covertly on virtually any asset and even works on Metal. Scanned by Touch with an NFC enabled mobile device this is ideal for equipment moved by reps, staff or interaction with customers. Imagine the efficiency of a customer scanning your company iLiD chip from their location and starting a repair request that instantly notifies your mobile rep.


An Ultra High Frequency ON METAL microchip capable of being "Scanned by Proximity" in automated inventory asset tracking providing affordable fast, accurate, high volume protection. (Requires an iL UHF reader)


The most versatile iLiD product equipped with BOTH iLiD standard NFC chip AND iLiD Ultra High Frequency chip meaning you could perform proximity scans while in your warehouse and touch scans by customers and reps once in the field. This is not an on metal chip so it comes with a Lanyard or could be glued to any non metal item. One side of this pvc card is white making it ideal to be run through Zebra style printers and personalized with employee / student id or company logos. Combining this product with new Add On Modules inside the iLiD App can open up exciting new capabilities.

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