Rock 'n' Roll meets cool automation geeks.

Born from the vision of Steve Cook, 25 year touring musician and master instrument repair technician, and Chris Sturm, 20 year software industry geek, Instrument Life's (iL) purpose was to make it easy to manage the movement of equipment. The benefits were huge, saving tons of time and revealing answers for individuals, retailers, repair shops, schools and manufacturers.

These industries quickly saw the benefits of our app, iL Verify. We gave them an easy way to manage their assets. Placing, moving, assigning(loaning) their equipment got really easy. Then to add value to the app, we made it easy to add employees for team use, time clock entry, and task management. Finally, we added GPS tagging. This includes barcode and NFC scanning allowing anyone to use their phone to know everything about their stuff.

Our team is a bunch of geeks and musicians and we hope you enjoy our product. Reach out to us if you ever need anything.

Chris and Steve (too old to tour), Brandin, your development leader. Rick codes and swears he was in a Punk ukulele band. Tom leads support and plays a mean cow bell. Payton puts up with all these idiots.