iLiD Asset Tracking with Work Order Software for


Document, Manage, and Simplify the repair process with InstrumentLife Repair Software.


Integrated work orders, billing, and data collection to run a Repair Shop.

Traditional inventory software with a Service Order Module for Repair Shops is expensive and isolated. The future is the iLiD App with iLiD Chips and Cards. Access iLiD through your smartphone, tablet or dekstop because this synchronized app can be used as a tool to manage the in and out transactions of selling/renting/loaning equipment being services and moving equipment between multiple locations by multiple people. iLiD App is FREE to get started with your equipment and Add the Repair Tag Module to automate your Repair Shop Business. Begin entering equipment, tag items with iLiD chips to streamline your workflow, assign your equipment to people or places and the iLiD App will connect you with vendors, suppliers, insurers, customers, employees and more. Eliminate the paper and empower your team with answers with the iLiD Asset Management App.

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We are saving repair shops an average of $10,000 in operating costs per year with our repair tag management software, plus we offer new revenue-making products and services to grow your business.

The software automatically captures the important customer data you need and manages your repair check in/out process and workflow.


Creates a digital record for repair orders, tracking progress and notifying customers by email after each step.


Attach photos and video for visual records of the repair and build a history for each customer or instrument.


Create statements that interface directly with your current financial system.


Connect with manufacturers while expanding your network of musicians and customers by including your shop in the Repair Network Search.

iLiD App + these products

iLiD Chips and Cards

Tag your products and get GPS accuracy every time you scan.

Using iLiD Chips and Cards allows organizations to increase GPS accuracy of the movement of critical equipment every time a Chip is scanned. Use a smartphone to "Scan by Touch" your inventory or integrate iLiD Pro Chips to "Scan by Proximity" entire rooms. Use iLiD Chips on Equipment and iLiD Cards for employee/student ID to make your entire ogranization more accurate and efficient.


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iLiD GPS Logging Chip

Adhesive micro chip that installs covertly on virtually any asset and even works on Metal. Scanned by Touch with an NFC enabled mobile device this is ideal for equipment moved by reps, staff or interaction with customers. Imagine the efficiency of a customer scanning your company iLiD chip from their location and starting a repair request that instantly notifies your mobile rep. Protect your inventory, manage your repair orders, status updates, billing, and customer interactions from any mobile device. No longer be tied to the shop to be productive.


The most versatile iLiD product equipped with BOTH iLiD standard NFC chip AND iLiD Ultra High Frequency chip meaning you could perform proximity scans while in your warehouse and touch scans by customers and reps once in the field. This is not an on metal chip so it comes with a Lanyard or could be glued to any non metal item. One side of this pvc card is white making it ideal to be run through Zebra style printers and personalized with employee / student id or company logos. Combining this product with new Add On Modules inside the iLiD App can open up exciting new capabilities.

Generate money for your business.

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Have a large inventory?

Manage your inventory and product movement with our selection of iLiD Pro management systems. iLiD Inventory Arrays read chip, vault card, and employee ID's, giving you a real-time accurate account of everything your business does... wherever it takes you.


Door Array - log each asset entering and leaving a room.


Room Array - Track staff, assets, and instruments in real time.


On The Road - Check trailer vs. manifest from a phone or tablet.



Take Asset Protection to the next level.

Automated inventory management. Door and room arrays read all chips and vault cards in the scanning area simultaneously. Set up custom alerts and check out procedures to fit your needs.


Equipment packages
start at $3450


Move beyond touch-to-read tracking and into automated inventory control. iLiD Pro chips integrate with our security arrays to remotely monitor inventory movement in real-time.


Scanning antennas that track the movement of your assets in real time, with packages for warehouses, doors, and trailers. Works with all iLiD Pro chips and Vault Cards.